phi therapy

Φ, phi, the golden ratio is used to describe aesthetically pleasing proportion within a piece for art, beauty, composition and design. We also extract the phi from the words physical and philosophy. We believe in the physical and philosophical way to heal and detox without taking more pills.


We are a new concept in how you experience massage and reflexology. At PHI, the client will feel the power of peaceful artworks and environment that will comfort you once you step in, feel the power of more natural and alternative way to heal and detox with our amazing healer.


We deliver our massage as a new way to connect your body with manual therapy for the muscle, ligament and nerve, to detox, to relieve pain and stress, to boost dopamine& immune system.


We offer our reflexology to stimulate more than 7000 different nerve ending, to speed up healing of wounds, to energize the metabolism, to eliminate the toxins from body, to improve bladder function, to give relief from hangover, headache, insomnia and symptoms of cancer.


All our therapists are amazing and at least 7 years experienced as alternative medicine healers. If other therapists can not help you, try us.


At PHI Ponsonby, we offer the convenience of express service. We are easy to be dropped in at the car park entry of new Countdown Ponsonby, and the session starts from 10mins, give you a quick boost weekly or daily after a stressful day.

AT PHI CBD,  Opposite the commercial bay shopping mall, offer quick and express massage for city office worker to release tensions of shoulders and back. Tourists at CBD  can have a good relaxtion after travelling. 

If you want relaxtaion massage, pregnancy massage and double massage at in the same room,  better to choose ponsonby branch.


No appointment? No problem.


Walk-ins are welcome based on availability.


Free parking within 2 hours at nearby streets ,Countdown clients can find us at car park entry, please  do not walk off of the car park entry, you may receive the fine ticket if you do so.