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Chinese massage

No oil used in massage.

Elbow pressure and Acupressure applied to muscles and acupressure points.

orignal: 60mins--$105  90mins--$155

Introductory :60mins--$95   90mins--$145


Relaxation massage

 Soft & light pressure

Improve blood circulation, . Boost immune system


Orignal:60mins--$110   90mins--$160

Introductory :60mins--$100   90mins--$150

Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage is a pain alleviation and injury correction technique that aids the body in healing muscles and connective tissue. This type of massage therapy focuses heavily on the area of pain and tension, working to ease the symptoms, improve blood flow and facilitate restoration.

Orignal:60mins--$120   90mins--$160

Introductory :60mins--$110   90mins--$150

The signature Φ phi massage


The amazing healer techniques combine with the benefits of Deep Tissue, Relaxation, hot stone, and Chi-Balancing Oriental massage, and aromatherapy to help recover quicker and detox more.

(With sweet almond oil and 2 free hot energy stone to speed up recovery and increase blood circulation)

Superior whole body massage experience (Pressure from gentle, medium to firm ). 

Orignal:60mins--$120    90mins-$170     120mins-$200

Introductory :60mins--$110   90mins--$160  120mins-$190



mini Phi


 DRY/ Φ Phi signature with oil 


Orignal: 20mins - - $40/$50      30mins - - $55/$65    45mins - - $80/$90

Introductory: 20mins - - $35/$45     30mins - - $50/$60    45mins - - $75/$85





The signature foot reflexology

(Including 5mins pampering foot bath. dry/phi oil)

The reflexology  (DETOX)                             Original   30mins--$ 65  45mins--$90 60mins--$110

                                                                Introductory  30mins--$ 60   45mins--$85  60mins--$100

Energy Flows    (DETOX & neck head energizing)                    60mins--$110

                                                                                       Introductory   60mins--$100

Burdens off    (DETOX & neck shoulders release)       60mins--$110/$120

                                                                Introductory         60mins--$100/$110

Strong support  (DETOX & sore back relief)         60mins--$110/120   90mins--$170/$160

                                                                Introductory 60mins--$ 100/$110 90mins--$160/$150

Run for health  (DETOX & tight legs loosen)         60mins--$110   90mins--$170

                                                               Introductory 60mins--$ 100/$110 90mins--$160/$150



Stimulate more than  7000 different nerve ending resulting in: faster  healing of wounds, energizing the metabolism, eliminating toxins, improving bladder function, reducing hangovers, headaches, insomnia and easing symptoms from cancer.

The detox, The nourish

Green Plants


HOT STONE  DEEP TISSUE              

     60MINS--$140   INTRO:$130    


     60MINS--$130   INTRO:$120 


60MINS--$130     INTRO:120